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John Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona
The Belko Experiment, Belko Corporation, a non-profit company located in South America, tells the story of employees who are locked down in the facility at the beginning of the workday. Each employee receives secret explosives and is given orders to kill each other, leaving them trapped in the facility. This sets off a violent adventure filled with increasing tension, where we discover the true nature of each Belko employee. John C. McGinley portrays Wendell Dukes, a socially inept manager. Tony Goldwyn's character, Barry Norris, prefers socializing with his friends and dislikes being around other employees. Melonie Diaz plays Dany Wilkins, the new girl in the facility, who is about to experience the worst company event of all time.

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    The Belko Experiment

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